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Defence Secretary says Britain's new carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will sail to the Pacific on its first mission and reveals plans for a new RAF squadron of 'swarm drones' as he warns Russia and China of UK's 'hard power'


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Williamson is another clown in aministerial position way above his ability.


The enemy is coming from the south, acrossthe Channel, silly man.


I've had dinner with him, before politicshe was a retail manager or deputy manager. Hardly training for defence, I bethe was a good whip but I'd prefer someone with a service background to beminister of defence.


The fact Williamson bandies the idea of wararound so flippantly shows the childish mentality of the man. I'd like to seehis view if he'd seen mutilated blown up bodies, incoming fire and the dailythreat of actually being shot at any time by unseen threats. The idea of warand actual war are two very different things. Plus the UK does not have thewealth of assets required to take on Russia, China, India or the US. It's abouttime we stayed out of other people's affairs, and concentrated on our own.



If there ever was another war, the UK wouldhave to surrendur within the first 2 weeks as our food ran out. Massiveoverpopulation caused by Tory mass immigration means we cannot even begin tofeed the population, not even to WWII standards. The only armed forcesequipment we need now is a series of white flags, and the posturing politcosneed to face up to the consequences of what they have done.


Yes they have more ships but what itdoesn't say is how many are sea worthy or how many are warships. Equally thereis no way we have 70 odd warships


RULE NUMBER ONE, never put a warmonger in adefence job... all positions are filled with the WRONG people.


Excellent news show them whos boss #UK #US


we have been practising battleship foryears and now we are ready to go out and take on the world


I think he is referring to a Britain thatonce was but is no longer...


Why have we got such liars to lead us .Dothey think we're all stupid?



We would not have won WW2 without Russia.


The UK will never match a country with apopulation of a billion and the biggest economy in the world?


Stop being so narrowminded... The UK todayis the world's 2nd biggest cyberpower and the world's 5th biggest mil*tarypower... By teaming up as friends with the US, Canada, Australia, NZ, France,Germany, South Korea, Ind*a, Poland and a few others, we are some 3 timeslarger and stronger than R* ssia and Ch*na combined... If another world warbreaks out (very unlikely), the West and the UK will win easily... Stop thepanic.


There seem to be quite a few ill-informedpeople about. Russia is no threat to the UK apart from nuclear weapons andterrorism. If the Russian air force chose to attack the UK their losses wouldrender them ineffective in a few weeks, a few days if Nato was involved. GoogleRussia's new warplanes on order and then compare that to the UK's. As to groundtroops, good luck to getting them here by sea. Russia's economy is about thesame size as Italy's. The threats to the UK are internal in the short term and Chinain the longer term.


If another war breaks out there will be nowinner.



The only punch the UK has is nuclearweapons. The rest are defeatable by countries like Russia, China, India, theUS. We may be able to strike, but we don't have enough assets or man power tocontinue. The UKs new carriers will be extensions of the US Marineexpeditionary forces.


Why? What have the Chinese and Russiansdone to us? Our real enemy is the EU Empire.

为什么?中国人和俄罗斯人对我们做了什么? 我们真正的敌人是欧盟帝国。

The Pacific? Doesn't he know where the UKactually is?

太平洋? 他不知道英国到底在哪里吗?

China many ship and plane. Can knock bigship down...not mess dith china..


What is the point of this foolish talk ?


Ohhh yeeaaa. What planet is he living on!Another incompetent who thinks we can compete with Russia or China ./......


Well considering Britain is handing overall its nuclear power stations to Chinese control, I know who's going to havethe last laugh with this one.


Do they really want to pick a fight withChinaand Russia. I know it's a big boat, but it's also a big target which could besunk by a little missile. Dream on. We are not that powerful any more.



Another misplaced mindless politicalleader....a total BOY in deeds and image. He makes us a laughing stock in theeyes of the world.


The carriers with no planes.. I'm sure theyare really worried. Putting that carrier next to 2 of the worlds biggestairforces is a great ideaLustgarten,


We are ready to strike back against Chinaand Russia.......Haha Haha


Russia has developed a supersonic missile,the present defense systems will have a 31% chance of hitting it if itslaunched towards the aircraft carrier. £3.5 billion gone within minutes.

俄罗斯已开发出一种超音速导弹,如果攻击航空母舰的话,目前的防御系统只有31%的机会摧毁来袭的导弹。只需要几分钟, 35亿英镑就没了。

This man is dangerous. There is no problemwith China as far as I am concerned and that has been the case for decades.Otherwise why would the expats be living over here, albeit an SAR of China.


On a more sobre note this man is aiming forthe top job in the Tory party. He is way out of his depth just like almost allof the cabinet.


Not very Diplomatic is he? Russia and orChina would annihilate us.


On our own perhaps but we're part of NATOdon't forget.



Last time I checked the UK only had 3F-35's in service. So this mug has sent out an aircraft carrier with no aircraftto scare the Russian and the chineese. Oh and before anyone says there AmericanF-35's on there it's a lie even the yanks don't have aircraft capable F-35'syet.


This capital target would last no more than10 minutes if outright hostilities broke out!


If you read his entire speech, not justthis papers report, it is obvious he is talking about a joint response fromAmerica, and other NATO countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan etc, etc. Theway this paper is reporting it Is inflammatory.


I was always taught, 'never to put all youreggs in one basket'.


The Jets that don't work..


Yet another dangerous idiot in charge ofsomething he has no idea about.


Our biggest threat is already here. Thethousands and thousands of illegal immigrants.



This is a great deployment, and will go along way toward rebuilding Britains place as a maritime power.


The man's a loon if he thinks we can beateither of these. Chinese have one carrier that's bigger than all our shipstogether.


Gavin boy has spoken,China and Russia mustbe shaking in their boots with fright....


As for China, the sooner we stop bleatingon about "hooman rights" and focus on mercantile trading the betteroff our country will be.


One of the new nuclear tipped cruisemissiles that China and Russia have will wipe it out in an instance. All ourhopes on this one ship!


Sorry , but it's no good lying down andadopting the foetal position when confronted by the Russian bear. Shooing itaway won't work either. The Queen Elizabeth will not be on her own. She will bepart of a task force comprising of American carriers , destroyers , frigatesand support vessels. A couple of submarines will also be lurking . The only wayto stop the Russian bear from attacking you is to show that ,if need be, youcan kill it.


Britain againstChina and Russia? Thanks forthis week's joke. After two years you can't even come up with an agreementthat's relevant to all sides. Britain, the international joke.


Dear sirs, I am from the country which thisstupid idiot declared as the dangerous enemy, I am from Russia. I say thatRussia is not an enemy for anybody. Neither the government, nor the people wantwar. Fear of war is genetic in us. In the last war 27 millions of Russians died.Do you really believe your liar politicians and media that Russians want war?Rather, your governments and your media are kindling the fire of war. They arecrazy. Be not the rams obediently going on a slaughter. Nobody will survive.Let's stop the war together! Sorry for my bad english.


Friend this comment is the best one postedand appreciated. The British people will never forget the sacrifice that yourcountry made during that terrible conflict.


What a dangerous statement


Heseems in over his head. We don't need to chest thump withChina and Russia. Justquietly up defenses. Up spending on cyber defense.


Thisbloke is a idiot. Our tiny navy is no match against China or Russia!


Aircraft carriers are only good againstdefeated nations with no offensive capabilities this is 2020 nearly , not the1900s......,,,,,,.


We need a hard, fair and intelligentmilitary man to lead The Ministry of Defence, not Gavin.


A single ship is like the biggest targetyou can have on you. It takes more than a ship to have an army. Need aircraft,soldiers, missiles, spy's, infiltrators to sabotage enemy etc........he's likea little boy playing with toy soldiers......

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